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We exist to serve you and to help you and your business to increase privacy and security through educating and assisting you to transition away from Big Tech in all of its guises.

Why do you need to get away from Microsoft and Apple?

They mine data from you and call it “telemetry” which they claim is just a way for them to track crashes and bugs without direct input from users. This could include things like keyloggers (which can track and report on every key press when you use your keyboard) or even more invasive things. Along with tracking it for their own benefit, who’s to say that they don’t have a data sharing partnership with 3 letter agencies? The same thing goes for Apple. The chief difference there is that on an Apple product, your data is literally safe from everyone but Apple. Apple can and does now peruse every photo for objectionable content, and may even begin to look through documents, just like Google does whenever you store anything in their cloud. If you are ok with that, because “I don’t have anything to hide, why should it matter?” I have another few questions for you: does your data belong to you? Is your computer really yours? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then Tech Freedom is for you. If not, continue on your merry way, and keep your Big Tech chains in place.


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Why should you and your business ditch Google?

They track your every online move, particularly on your phone if you have an Android device, and serve ads to you, tailored to your searches, locations, etc. That is the most benign thing they do. Do you ever find it creepy that you have an ad waiting for you whenever you look at a device based on a conversation you had with someone? That is because as much as the claim they don’t, Google and Amazon record and parse everything you say around your Nest, Dot, Alexa, phone with Google Assistant, etc. This is also how they treat your pictures, videos, documents, and emails in their cloud infrastructure. That is why a standard personal google account is free, the service is not the commodity, the commodity is your company and its data, along with that of your customers. Again, if this doesn’t bother you, or you are so tied into their ecosystems that you can’t imagine a way out or even getting by without them, don’t waste your time continuing to read. If these things bother you, and you want to find a way to migrate away from Google, Amazon, and Apple, stick with us.

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