Freed Phone (Guided DIY)

$100.00 Sub-total

This is a consultation and walkthrough service, ONLY. Up to 3 hours of video call time to decide which device you should order and which ROM suits you best, including order assistance, then the second call is a step-by-step walk through of the flashing process on your device and ROM, then installing f-droid and the Aurora Store. The third hour is optional, depending on your level of comfort with your new device.


This service is a 1-on-1 video consultation and walk through for anyone who wants help de-googling an unlocked phone that is compatible with the AOSP variety you want to use.

Here is how it goes:

call 1: We talk through which phones are compatible with  the various ROMs out there, and land on which one seems like the best fit for you, and try to figure out which apps you will want to install through f-droid and the Aurora Store, and you order your phone, to be sent to you before we have our second call.

Call 2: (Scheduled for the most convenient time after you receive your phone) I walk you through every step of the way, giving you the commands (where necessary) in order to get it done at each step of the way, then, once the flash is completed, help you to customize to your liking, and help you to install f-droid and the Aurora Store (and set each one up with you).

Additional information


Flash LineageOS (no microG) onto your phone; it is the primary ROM in the Android Open Source Project community. It is Android, minus all of the Google apps and trackers.

Lineage for microG

Flash Lineage for microG onto your phone; this is LineageOS plus microG, which sends disinformation to Google to allow you to utilize things like Firebase for push notifications. This will improve battery life somewhat over standard LineageOS.


Flash CalyxOS onto your phone. CalyxOS is a fork of Lineage that is privacy and security focused beyond LineageOS. It also comes with more auto-installed apps than Lineage does. Pixel devices only.


AOSP plus lots of additional security measures under the hood. Ships with a compatibility layer that keeps any apps with trackers sequestered and unable to "phone home" and report on your usage and activities. Pixel devices only.


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