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$300.00 Sub-total

This is a Tech Freedom Consultation for your PC or Mac, to determine what you need and to see which distribution and desktop environment makes most sense for you, then I can either set up another call to walk you through the work necessary, teaching you along the way, or you can elect to ship it to me for me to do it all for you, then return it to you.


The base price is $150, but if we need to ship it back and forth, that price will go up, based on the weight and speed you want to ship with.

Whether in-person, Virtual, or Shipped White Glove Service, here is what you can expect:

A 1 Hour consultation via video, either on Telegram or Jitsi Meet.

During that consult, we will determine 3 things:

  1. Best distribution and Desktop Environment for you
  2. What software you need to replace what you’ve been using
  3. How much other help you may need

After that, it is variable, based on what version of the service you desire: White Glove In-Person or Shipped, or Virtual.

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Tech Freedom Free Your Computer Consultation

Here is what is included with this service:

Consultation: 1 Hour video call via Telegram or Jitsi Meet

1 TB Pre-formatted external SSD for your files

1 8 GB flash drive with your choice of Distribution

both storage devices will be shipped to you prior to your scheduled call.

1-2 hour Walk through, either in person or via video call,  for installation and setup of your new OS.

Your homework between our initial consultation call and whenever we schedule the work will be to transfer all of your important files over to the external drive, so that we are ready to go without any dual booting stuff, unless there are apps that you need which will not run in Linux. There are still a few of these.


If you are a longtime Apple user, the integration between Linux and a degoogled Android device is nowhere near as tight for things like texting or sharing things between devices. This is because there is no server in between handling all of those requests and file transfers. Your data is yours, entirely, again. That means that certain things which depend on those protocols to “just work” will not be doable. There are, however, ways to get pieces of that seamless functionality. Just ask, and I will help you get it set up.


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Additional information

All Video

"!"Video based consultation, walkthrough, and assistance.

"!"You do the work with me over your virtual shoulder, guiding you every step of the way. I will also provide written instructions for you to follow along with before each call.

"!" $150

"!"1 Month of free 1:1 messaging or video support

Shipped method

"!" you ship your computer to me, I do it all, based on your needs and desires, then ship it back to you

"!"1 Month of free 1:1 messaging or video support

"!" costs more, as shipping is not included in the base $150 price


"!" You come to me, or I come to you, within 50 Miles of LA

"!" I do the work, and show you how it is done

"!"1 Month of free 1:1 messaging or video support

"!" $150


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