Liberty Overhaul by Tech Freedom

$300.00$2,000.00 Sub-total

Price is variable, based on computer and phone cost.

Package is between $1500-3000, and includes consultation, installation, and support/ training as needed, for up to 1 month after purchase.

Turn around for the hardware depends primarily on shipping time, but if it is a pre-built, off-the-shelf computer (not customized from the manufacturer), it could be as little as 3 weeks, but if it is heavily customized, the shipping from the manufacturer will take longer, and cause my turnaround time to be far longer as well. Remember, it will be shipped to me, then I do the work, then ship it all to you.

$525.00 Sub-total
$350.00 Sub-total
$500.00 Sub-total
$325.00 Sub-total
$800.00 Sub-total
$1,100.00 Sub-total
$2,000.00 Sub-total
$300.00 Sub-total
$375.00 Sub-total
$300.00 Sub-total
$570.00 Sub-total
$550.00 Sub-total
$725.00 Sub-total


Tech Freedom Liberty Overhaul

This is our signature, Tech Freedom white glove service.

I will take care of it all for you. If remote, we will meet via Telegram or Jitsi Meet video call for the consultation portion. The consultation is free.

Tech Freedom will consult you on hardware, app preferences, provide support, and set everything up for you, then ship your devices to you. As long as we have the hardware on hand, one day is all we should need in order to accomplish setting you as free as you want to be.

Once the hardware is set up and running with your needed apps on it, we will turn our attention to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple online/ cloud accounts, and beginning the process of pulling your data from those accounts, replacing them with safer, more private, non- Big Tech options, then deleting the old accounts. Once all of the data is downloaded, if it amounts to more than 50 GB, I will request that you purchase an external storage device and send it to me, once received, I will commence transferring it for you. I will then pack it with your new computer and phone after copying the data from it to your new accounts.

The price is variable, based on the price of the computer and phone you choose. If you want devices that will last you for a good while, with decent specifications, it will probably cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000 for the package.  That is my service costs + the hardware (computer will run between $700-1700 on its own, and the phone is between $200-800, depending on model) I will order, configure, and ship to you, along with one month of direct support as you adjust.

Turnaround time for the devices depends on the level of customization you desire on the computer, as well as how long it takes to migrate your data, if it is highly customized and you have allot of data, we will have to wait longer for it, and I will always ship your devices together. The work time on a phone is about an hour per device, and the computer should take 2-3 hours, depending on updates and programs to install, once I get each device. You can expect to receive one box with both devices in it, unless you request a rush order on the phone.

I will install up to 10 apps on each phone (other than f-droid and the Aurora Store), and 10-15 programs on the computer (as needed, based on what is included in your distribution, and your personal needs).

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Additional information

Low End

Older Phone (Pixel 3 – 4, OnePlus 6); New, low to mid grade Laptop 1600-2000

Mid Tier

Newer Phone (Pixel 4a – 5, OnePlus 7-8 Pro); New, mid-grade laptop

High End

New Phone (Pixel 5 or newer, OnePlus 9-9 Pro); New high end laptop


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