Freed Computer by Tech Freedom

$800.00$2,000.00 Sub-total

$800.00 Sub-total
$1,100.00 Sub-total
$2,000.00 Sub-total


Freed Computer by Tech Freedom

A Linux-based laptop.

What would life be like with less Government and Big Tech spying on your every keystroke? Find out with one of these powerful, AMD Ryzen based laptops. I will take Microsoft out of the picture for you, and consult with you on how you want your UI to look, as well as to find out which programs and apps would be best for me to install for you.

This is the hands-off, custom Tech Freedom service to get you 100% FOSS on your computer. There are 3 price tiers, a low, a mid-grade, and a high end. You can see what each entails below.

All will ship via FedEx 2 day from my location to you.

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