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Download F-droid & the Aurora Store | Step 1 to Break Free

By the time you finish this quick article, you will be well on your way to breaking free from Google’s spyware on your phone wintout needing to fool around with the bootloader. Tech Freedom is well aware that our economy is in shambles, so I am sensitive to that reality. Let’s stick it to Google by limiting their data gathering abilities by ceasing to use Gmail, google search, Chrome, calendar, and the Play Store as much as possible. This quick article will give you the tools to avoid the Play Store and keep track of trackers connected with apps you have installed.

Grab the apk file for f-droid to get access to more FOSS options for your phone. Even prior to degoogling, this will help you to get away from standard tracking-laden apps, including the aurora store, which is a play store alternative that allows you to spoof a google account so anything you install through that facility isn’t automatically tied to any account you own (making it harder for google and the NSA to track your app usage).

tech freedom

Once you’ve done all of that, proceed to download the Aurora store to replace the play store while you prepare to your device itself.

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How to Side Load Apps on Android, along with a telegram tutorial

If you only want to learn about how to install Fdroid, then fast forward to the ~17:00 mark.

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