Liberated OnePlus 8 Pro by Tech Freedom

$725.00 Sub-total

128/8 (storage/RAM)

LineageOS (Vanilla or for microG), with f-droid and the Aurora Store included, and up to 10 other apps of your choice pre-installed.

rush shipping included.


Liberated OnePlus 8 Pro by Tech Freedom

Break the monotony of Pixel phones with a breath of fresh air from OnePlus.

Ships with LineageOS, either vanilla or for microG.

Ships with two alternative stores included (f-droid for FOSS apps, and the Aurora Store for everything else you might need).

Includes dual port quick charger and cable, a case you choose, a screen protector, up to 10 other preinstalled apps of your choice, Custom Theme of your choice, and a Faraday bag to protect you from EMF radiation, as well as 2-day shipping through FedEx.

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