Freedom Consultation Part 2 by Tech Freedom

$500.00 Sub-total




Tech Freedom Consultation

Via video call, either Telegram or Jitsi Meet, we will have 2 or 3 1 hour appointments, depending on what you need.

  • Consultation on hardware (both PC and Mobile Device)
  • Determine which Linux Distribution and Degoogled ROM best suit you, as well as needed programs and applications for each
  • Assist you in obtaining your data from Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple), then destroying and replacing those accounts with more private options of your choice.
  • Later appointment to walk you through the installation and account replacement processes. As well as adjustment to the new environment on your devices. This is the Tech Freedom consultation promise: You will be technologically free from Big Tech by the end of this process, and comfortable (for the most part) with your new environment.
  • Includes 1-on-1 messaging support for 1 monthtech freedom


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