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Tech Freedom boutique service to get your phone degoogled and set up for you to customize and install whatever you need, dual-port quick charger and cable. Choice of ROMs, based on device selection. FedEx 5-day ground shipping included.

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Boutique Tech Freedom De-googled phones

You have a choice of Google Pixels or OnePlus devices more recent than the 6 series, up to the 9 Pro.

Google Pixels have the most options in terms of compatible ROMs: Lineage (with or without microG), Calyx, Graphene, Havoc.

OnePlus devices and others are essentially limited to LineageOS (with or without microG).

Included in this service are the following:

ROM flashing (with install and set up of f-droid and the aurora store)

Standard FedEx 5 day ground shipping.

dual port quick charger & cable

1-on-1 support for 1 month, as needed

One thing we will need to know from you up front, is which carrier you subscribe to, so that we can be as sure as possible to find a device that will be compatible for you.


Sometimes things do not work out with a given handset, despite our best efforts, if we encounter a situation like that, be assured that we will stay in constant contact with you with updates along the way. If that means that we have to return it and order another device for you, we will do just that, and do our best to get it to you in a reasonable time frame.

tech freedom

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Weight 8 oz

Flash LineageOS (no microG) onto your phone; it is the primary ROM in the Android Open Source Project community. It is Android, minus all of the Google apps and trackers.

Lineage for microG

Flash Lineage for microG onto your phone; this is LineageOS plus microG, which sends disinformation to Google to allow you to utilize things like Firebase for push notifications. This will improve battery life somewhat over standard LineageOS.


Flash CalyxOS onto your phone. CalyxOS is a fork of Lineage that is privacy and security focused beyond LineageOS. It also comes with more auto-installed apps than Lineage does. Pixel devices only.


AOSP plus lots of additional security measures under the hood. Ships with a compatibility layer that keeps any apps with trackers sequestered and unable to "phone home" and report on your usage and activities. Pixel devices only.


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