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How This Works, as Easy as ABC

step 3
The Way (step 3) is very simple, and only has 3 big steps (but depending on how entangled you are with Big Tech or how many devices are involved, can be a large undertaking). Here are the Big Steps:
1) de- Big Tech your computer by wiping out Windows/ macOS/ ChromeOS, and installing Linux.
2) degoogle/ de-apple your phone
3) remove your data from big tech, start new accounts with privacy-respecting providers, delete your data from those afore-mentioned accounts, then change whatever associated accounts you need to over to your new email account(s) (banking, bills, professional associations, etc, whatever you don’t want to lose when you kill those accounts), then destroy the old accounts and don’t look back, lest you become like Lot’s Wife (lol).

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