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12 Steps to Tech Freedom Step 3-1a)

1) First things first, back up all of your files (docs, music, pictures, videos, etc) to some external media (flash drive, network storage, external hard drive/ssd).
2) Then, research about distributions (distros) and display environments (DE)/ window managers (WM) to see which ones strike you as workable for you, Linux is all about variety and making your computer work for you.
3) take your pick, or maybe 2 or 3, and download them to your computer.
4) Then download Balena Etcher, insert a blank >8 GB flash drive or SD card, and install or open the program you selected, and flash the distro and DE of your choice.
4a) Using Balena Etcher, it is more user friendly, as it will automatically format the media for you, as a part of the process, then pick your file and the destination for it to flash to, and click flash. It will even check it for you at the end, to make sure that it flashed properly.
5) Reboot your computer
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