12 steps to Tech Freedom
Step 1: Admit that you have a problem with Big Tech dependency.
Step 2: Learn that there is a way to break that dependence.
Step 3: Trust the Way.
Step 4: Come to understand the depth of your Big Tech dependency.
Step 5: Take inventory of how many of your digital rights you sacrificed on the altar of Big Tech convenience.
Step 6: Chose to be ready to regain those rights.
Step 7: Follow the way.
Step 8: Make a list of all of the accounts and services that need to be shut down & replaced with ones that will respect your rights.
Step 9: Backup all of that account data, then delete it (to the best of your ability) from their servers and either disable or delete those accounts.
Step 10: Research and open those new accounts.
Step 11: Ditch your iPhone/ standard Android and switch to a degoogled Android.
Step 12: Live free & help others through the process.
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